Care & Size Chart

Sizing for leggings, leotards, bodysuits, and catsuits:

XS : Sizes 00-0 U.S.

S : Sizes 2-4 U.S.

M : Sizes 6-8 U.S.

L : Sizes 10-12 U.S.

*All of the #SlicedCollection is very stretchy and made of a cotton blend, so this size chart is just a loose sizing suggestion. Please read individual product pages for more details. Onesie sizes all vary and details for sizing can be found in their description.*


All of the pieces in the Twisted Collections are handmade, so taking care of your pieces is highly recommended. Washing by hand is best, but if that is asking too much, the gentle cycle is also an option. Hang drying will keep your pieces in good shape longer. I also recommend washing and drying your onesies inside out since the pockets often take longer to dry.

Enjoy your Twisted pieces!