Safari Escape Onesie

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Serious choices here! The hooded onesie modeled by @BrynnRoute features an oversized black lined hood and NO POCKETS for that extra sleek and sexy look. The tie in the back halter onesie modeled by @TheNadia33 features soft black pockets and offers a bit more crotch space for more of the chill vibe. Both have that low back scrunch so either way that booty is gonna pop and both of them are beautifully lined up to really show off this amazing tribal-esque print featuring elephants! <3 Material is silky stretchy smooth.

Hooded Onesie is ideal for sizes 0-6, up to 5’7”

Tie in the Back Onesie ideal for sizes 0-8, up to 5’9”

*Did you notice that gorgeous chain hanging down our backs?! That’s a handmade “DO EPIC SHIT” necklace made by @ShelbiAiona. Get yourself one of these. I’m so sure you won’t regret it!


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 11 x 8 x .5 in

Hooded, Tie in the Back Halter


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