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Discovering Your Style

I often tell my students "just do you", and what I mean is, move how you want, dance whatever you're feeling and just be yourself. But more often than not, people/dancers have no idea who they are and have a difficult time finding "their style".

This is, in part, due to society telling us what we should and shouldn't be, media, social conditioning blah blah blah... but lets rewind to when you were first able to dress yourself as a kid. You had no problem deciding what to wear even if it was dirty or didn't match or made no sense for the weather or where you were going. This is the moment I wish we could all return to. This is likely our most authentic self that somehow got slowly washed away because someone made fun of you or you got a professional job or trying to catch the eyes of someone in particular. We all lose our sense of self at some point in life due to so many different reasons. Even just being polite feels fake af, but you know, you don't want to offend anyone. *side eye*

Now here we are, trying to find ourselves and it's so far removed we don't even know where to look. How do we undue all the societal damage and trauma we have all gone through?

Well, I would say the first step is get dressed in a way that inspires you to do the best you can do. Sometimes, for me, that means sweats, some thick black socks and a beanie. I be killing floors in that outfit. Sometimes it means a skanky ass bodysuit, hella make up and the sickest heels I own so I can tap into my baddest bitch self. Jump starting yourself on the outside makes it that much easier to listen to that tiny voice inside, and hear it a little clearer.

So here we are, looking good and feeling good, and in our heads we are slaying the dance floor but we still feel restricted to move the way we want, freely and uninhibited. Why is that? Well, likely we are scared of going in too far and injuring ourselves. This is a common fear, especially in adults, and a reasonable one at that. If there is one skill I am very thankful for, its falling. Yup. Falling. I've spent years doing shit I'm not good at on repeat because I have faith I can fall out of it safe enough. Eventually, the falls become lighter and part of the honesty of the movement.

When you no longer fear falling, you will be able to move with true freedom. Isn't that the goal after all? To be able to express ourselves to the fullest, commit to the connection of the moment and move without fear or hesitation.

So if you're looking for an opportunity to learn these types of skills and find that outfit that makes you feel like fire, well consider signing up for something special I put together, a 3 hour Twisted Experience called the "Flare Shop" to guide you through the journey. Sign up HERE.