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    Black Chaos CatsuitBlack Chaos Catsuit
    Plus Size Available
    This piece is some serious labor but the end result is pure MAGIC! The open side design goes all the way up in a flattering gradient, making the waist look smaller and the booty look thicker (exactly what dreams are made of) and the Geo Chaos design is just so hypnotic! The perfect outfit for a night on the town and can double as a sick aerial/contortion performance piece. Material: Stretchy Cotton Blend. Warning: people will stare! Models are all wearing size small....

    Leopard Catsuit

    This eye catching Leopard Catsuit is made from a soft stretchy faux suede material. Sexy open slices in all the right places. Back gradient creates a beautiful hourglass look. (AKA - small waist/fat ass look that we all crave)...
    $139.00 $149.00
    Black Chaos Geo Leo BodysuitBlack Chaos Geo Leo
    Plus Size Available
    This Best Selling Bodysuit is far too EPIC! Our most intricate design. Created by hand and shows off beautiful geometric openings from every angle! Comfortable Stretchy Cotton Blend. Now available in plus sizes!...
    Waffle Weave LeggingsWaffle Weave Leggings
    Plus Size Available
    Scope these intricate hand sliced and hand woven leggings! Cut super wide only where it counts for the perfect blend of tease and class. Such an easy and versatile piece! Great for party time, yoga time, errand time, day time or night time... pretty much errytime! Material: Super stretchy and soft spandex organic cotton blend. High fold over waist. Models: @foodiewithabanginbooty, @mollymeru, and @veronikapole. Photo of Molly courtesy of Ellen Beard Photography....
    Black Spider CatsuitBlack Spider Catsuit
    Plus Size Available
    This Spider Catsuit feels like money in bank! Sliced and Woven all the way up the sides gives that extra edge and tease, while the weaving pulls everything in making the piece fit a bit tighter, hugging your body in all the right places. This catsuit will have everybody turning their heads trying to get another glimpse of all the magic happening here. If you are trying to decide on what size to get - imagine a Small really fitting like an Extra Small and a Medium fitting more like a Small/Medium and a Large fitting more like a Medium/Large. But don't worry too much, these pieces are stretchy AF. 95% cotton, 5% spandex. ...
    Get caught creeping in this sexy Spider Vibes Bodysuit! The cutouts highlight the best parts of the body showing off the upper waist and showing off a cheeky backside. This bodysuit comes in Snap or Sewn crotch options but may require some extra wiggling to get into if you choose sewn crotch....
    $59.00 $69.00
    Black Chaos LeggingsBlack Chaos Leggings
    Plus Size Available

    Chaos Leggings

    These Chaos Leggings feature our classic geo chaos design to highlight that beloved side a$$. They are sexy, sleek, edgy and versatile. Yoga life, dance life, stretch life, lounge life... these leggings will never let you down. They also have a nice high waist and thick band that can be folded over.  Material: Stretchy organic cotton blend, sizes run true to size. Models are wearing size small....
    Feast your eyes on this home wrecking faux suede snakeskin catsuit! Super flattering back side to make even the tiniest of booties pop and a front side that features the top of half of the stomach so you can keep your belly ring safe. Even though the weaving does make the piece more fitted, we recommend ordering true to size since this piece is pretty stretchy. Veronica and Nadia are wearing a size small. ...
    Twisted Terminator CatsuitTwisted Terminator Catsuit
    Low Stock
    Sold Out
    Twisted Movement Exclusive design, locally sourced and hand made in Los Angeles. Epic side cut design simulating the Knot Mad Leggings - we aren't Mad - we are READY! High neck halter design with TM metal tag on a thick cotton spandex blend. 95% cotton, 5% spandex. ...
    This biker shorts onesie is so velvety soft, fitted and the zip front gives this piece a whole different vibe. Zip it up for that professional super hero feeling or open it up for the party vibes. If in between sizes, size up. ...
    $99.00 $119.00

    Grapefruit Beauty Bar

    Personal Care
    Made with Pink Himalayan Salt to gently exfoliate and cleanse, French Pink Clay for that tight and bright feeling along with a citrus blend of all natural essential oils for that energizing boost! Its also the perfect bar for shaving since its made with a specific blend for thick and creamy lather. ...
    The perfect little combo to keep you clean and smelling like the bombshell you are! Dark Rose Love Spell Soap: Yes! Throwback to the scent we all know and love! 1 layer is a nourishing shea butter soap base with French Pink Clay and the 2nd layer is a detoxing activated Charcoal to give you the best of both worlds. Love Spell Roll On: Super easy way to smell good without having to spray anything. Incognito tiny 10ml Roller application makes it super convenient and great for even the tiniest of purses. Made with coconut oil as the base....

    DIY Clay Masks

    Personal Care
    Mix these Multi Use DIY Clays with a little water to create your own luxurious skin mask or add them to your bath and let your whole body enjoy. Sold as individual tubes or a full set of all 8.  Bentonite Clay: $3.33 Popularly known as "Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay", at least that's how I was first introduced to clays. This clay is powerful! It will literally pull white heads to the surface and if you pour it into a bath it will literally take out the trash that lives on your skin. This is the strongest of all the clays so it's excellent for oily and acne prone skin. If you have dry skin mixing it with oils, honey or colloidal oats will help in keeping moisture in but still letting the clay do its job. You can also pour this into a bath for a full body skin detox.Kaolin Clay: $3.33 This clay is a more gentle balance of acne fighting and absorbing excess oils while not leaving you with dried out skin. A great choice to start with if you've never used a clay mask. It's also great for your bath. You can also pour this into a bath for a full body experience.French Pink Clay: $5.55 oh you fancy huh? Yes. This pink clay is widely used in the cosmetic industry due to its refreshing results. It's believed to improve blood circulation and ly...
    Revolution BodysuitRevolution Bodysuit
    Low Stock
    This bodysuit is truly a revolution in the Twisted Movement Family. The bodysuit is locally made in Los Angeles from beginning to end. Starting with an exclusive pattern that has taken many iterations to perfect. Making sure the fit is just right to show the right amount of hips and cheeks but keeping nice double lined crotch coverage. The opening and buttons in the back make this piece easy to put on and off. The sexy slices are strategically placed to create an edgy look all the while still providing support and coverage. Made from a thick cotton spandex blend also locally sourced here in LA from our small business fabric partners. You have to give this bodysuit a try to feel the magic that went into its thoughtful creation. ...
    Hand crafted, small batch, all-natural hand sanitizer! 2oz amber glass spray bottle filled with 91% isopropyl alcohol, jojoba oil and Lavender essential oil to leave you clean, moisturized and smelling good! Perfect for your purse, backpack, car or office drawer. It’s like a spa in a bottle compared to your average hand sanitizer. ...
    This beautiful mock neck crop top has an extremely flattering fit. The mandala design is created using a hand painted stencil art created by Shelbi Aiona. The stencil design features a repeating silhouette of Nadia Sharif in a handstand from a photo shot by Alina Samko. Cotton spandex blend....
    $29.00 $49.00
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