About Us

From Electrical Engineer to Pole Dancer to a Twisted Clothing Artist! Nadia Sharif is the mind behind all of the designs that come and go in this forever evolving clothing collection. Always keeping the pieces fresh, innovative, sexy, comfy and unique.

Always in support of the arts, Nadia leads with her inspirational style. Every piece here was born organically based on the needs of those living a Twisted Lifestyle. From day job, to training, to professional meetings to zoom dance parties, these pieces can make a statement as bold and unique as you are.

Nadia’s mission is inspired by something her gymnast/dancer mother once told her. “A true dancer is ALWAYS ready to dance”. This statement inspired Nadia to create clothing that moves well and looks fly AF.

Twisted Movement is more than a brand that makes dope clothes. We are more than the dances we teach. We are an expression of the community in which we were raised. We are small. We are brown. We are the movement. We are the community.

Twisted Movement headquarters are location in Los Angeles, CA and all prices are in USD.