About Us

Twisted Movement is a woman owned and operated business that's proud to push the boundaries on expression, creativity, and business practices. We are here for change. We say no to fast fashion and say yes to handmade. Viva la revolución!

Nadia Sharif

Nadia Sharif is the original creator of Twisted Movement, which actually began as a movement intensive, but has since grown into the wearable art you see today. Edgy, bold and versatile pieces - all made by hand in Los Angeles.

Future visions for Twisted Movement include being an example of a socialist business structure designed to destroy the patriarchy, racism and the current status quo. May we rise up and revolt against the system that keeps us imprisoned with every step we take. ✊🏾

Mina Mechanic

Mina found her passion for performing arts when she started pole dancing in 2007. Her pole journey crossed paths with Nadia Sharif in 2009 - they became a pole dancing duo sensation and inseparable friends. Mina maintained a professional career in marketing while dancing on the side until she was able to create a career that included both her creative side and her masters in business. Mina's resume includes working at Red Bull, Bad Kitty, and now CEO of Twisted Movement.

Ellyn Hartono

Ellyn found pole dance in 2015 and has been competing for years at a national level and has won several medals. During her pole dancing journey she met the amazing Nadia Sharif as one of her movement gurus.

Ellyn has enormous experience in client relations from working as sponsorship executive assistant for London Olympic 2012 and SEA Games 2011. She’s now working in Human Resources and payroll at a construction company and as COO of Twisted Movements.


NovaCaine is a disabled veteran who has used her 15 years of professional erotic dance experience to help sooth chronic hip pain. Early on after her injury she found a soothing way to apply erotic hip movements to her physcial therapy, that helped target problem areas of pain. Ever since then she has been obsessed with erotic healing and how to teach others this kind of practice. Nadia and Nova recently decided to collaborate and create together to bring you workshops by Nova, Sage bundles, candles and other ways to cultivate the senses and eroticism.

Kimmie S’amore

Kimmie S’amore is a #burgerlesque dancer, award-winning designer, and owner of Tasty Treat Polewear. Her dream is to educate people about the ethical problems of fast fashion and create accessible, sustainable alternatives. Kimmie and Nadia met in 2020 completely by chance when they discovered that they had pole, fashion design, and electrical engineering in common. After collaborating on TTxTM Candy Wrappers Collection, they are now working together to develop Twisted Movement’s brand new, size-inclusive in-house pattern collection. Kimmie is so excited to help build Twisted Movement’s vision of an ethical and socially-conscious business!

Pete Wendt

Pete has been with our team for well over a decade now. He's a friend, an artist and a collaborator of the TM family. Our multi-media contributor. Many of the audibles and visuals that help us pull some of our brand together come from the hands of Pete.