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Where Your Money Goes When You Shop at Twisted Movement

You should know and care where your money goes. Here at Twisted Movement we believe in transparency. Why? Because Transparency is care.

Our products are hand made and we deeply value the labor that goes into making your clothes. 

We specialize in modifying bodysuits of all kinds for all bodies. We take pride in owning some of our own patterns and creations. All modifications and custom TM pieces are made locally in Los Angeles, CA with love.

The best part about this business that we want to brag about, is that our Labor and Ownership are not separated, but rather distributed amongst 3 local women artists.

Take a look at this fancy chart to check out what running our business looks like. We appreciate your support so much. 🙏 

where your money goes when you shop at twisted movement

All our bodysuits, catsuits, leggings, and tops are created by hand. The method includes cutting the fabric into many small cuts - some items include hundreds of custom cuts. Next we put the item onto a mannequin to mimic how it will sit on the body. After conditioning the fabric, the item is braided, woven, and/or tied into knots to create a completely unique design. Our designs are all exclusive to our brand and cannot be found anywhere else. Since our items are hand made no two pieces are exactly alike. 

We hope you enjoy your Twisted creations as much as we enjoy making them for you!