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    Under $30

    Our newest bodysuit design. Just enough slices to have that edgy look but still provide good coverage. Stretchy cotton spandex blend. Photos of Lane Wonder provided by photographer @taylrdimages. ...
    $29.00 $59.00
    Plus Size Leopard BodysuitPlus Size Leopard Bodysuit
    Plus Size Available
    This beautiful leopard print plus size bodysuit comes in sizes 2XL through 5XL. The material is a buttery soft and stretchy double brushed poly spandex blend. Snap crotch closure. The bodysuit base is a Twisted Exclusive pattern created by our partner Kimmie from Tasty Treat - specializing in plus size inclusivity. Model @mizzmique is wearing 2XL. ...
    $19.00 $59.00
    This hand sliced open belly design is a gorgeous bodysuit for those wanting to show a little extra skin. Cotton spandex blend. Great for yoga, dance, party, performance, or anywhere your heart desires. Pair it with a skirt for a night out on the town or wear it alone for your next dance performance. Choose from snap or sewn crotch. ...
    $29.00 $59.00
    Super flattering neckline and open back handmade design. ...
    $19.00 $29.00
    This beautiful mock neck crop top has an extremely flattering fit. The mandala design is created using a hand painted stencil art created by Shelbi Aiona. The stencil design features a repeating silhouette of Nadia Sharif in a handstand from a photo shot by Alina Samko. Cotton spandex blend....
    $29.00 $49.00

    Black Shorts

    These super comfy high waist shorts will become your new favorite. Made from a double brushed buttery soft sueded fabric. Super stretchy and flattering on all body types. These shorts have pockets and are the most chill, functional and versatile piece. Two sizes to choose from. Great for everyday quarantine lounging, working out, or making a trip to the store....
    $19.00 $39.00
    Camo ShortsCamo Shorts
    Plus Size Available
    Buttery soft faux sueded fabric. Super comfy and stretchy. With pockets. High waist. ...
    $19.00 $39.00
    Lavender BodysuitLavender Bodysuit
    Sold Out
    Beautiful lavender color bodysuit with hand cut and woven design. Cotton spandex blend. ...

    Oatmeal Soap

    Personal Care
    Made with honey and oats along with a coconut oil and castor oil blend to give you gentle exfoliation with a rich lather than rinses clean but leaves you moisturized. Yes, its a must-have this winter. Great for hands and body. *No added fragrances or scents to keep sensitive skin happy plus the natural ingredients smell great on their own*...
    Pink Grapefruit Loofah Soap on a rope is great for scrubbing places that need a little extra exfoliation. Excellent for feet, getting off tacky grip or body paint and feels good on armpits and butt cheeks. And you won't have to worry about dropping the soap cuz it's on a rope! And save space by hanging it instead of laying it down.Beetroot Bath Salts have a blend of Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salts, Beetroot powder, coconut oil and an amazing blend of essential oils, each with its own benefits. Indulge in all the senses with the blend of frankincense, sweet orange and lavender for a full body and mind experience. Great for restoring energy and clearing the mind. Beetroot powder is also known for its skin benefits.Strawberry Creme face mask is a blend of acne fighting kaolin clay and gently exfoliating pink French clay. Pour about half of it into a non metal bowl, mix water with the wooden spoon *included* until you form a paste. Apply generously and wait for it to dry, usually around 10 min. Wash off with warm water and soap and moisturize for a tight and youthful glow....

    Grapefruit Beauty Bar

    Personal Care
    Made with Pink Himalayan Salt to gently exfoliate and cleanse, French Pink Clay for that tight and bright feeling along with a citrus blend of all natural essential oils for that energizing boost! Its also the perfect bar for shaving since its made with a specific blend for thick and creamy lather. ...
    Exfoliate and moisturize with fine sugar and coarse sea salt with a blend of Eucalyptus, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil and vitamin E for next level glowing goddess luxury. Scrub into skin near the end of your shower and let it sit on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing off. Pat dry. 4 oz glass jar with screw top lid....
    2oz amber glass spray bottle filled with 91% isopropyl alcohol, jojoba oil and Lavender essential oil to leave you clean, moisturized and smelling good! Perfect for your purse, backpack, car or office drawer. It’s like a spa in a bottle compared to your average hand sanitizer. ...
    $5.00 $7.00
    This scrub not only looks tasty AF but it's gonna leave you feeling tasty AF too! Gently exfoliate with brown sugar and colloidal oats at the end of your shower routine to leave you feeling baby skin fresh, smooth and moisturized. If you’re concerned about pole grip, I would say do this at night and your skin will EAT IT UP cuz trust me, its thirsty for these oils! 4 oz glass jar with screw top lid. Subtle and natural oatmeal scent. No fragrance added. Use your body scrub near the end of your shower or bath by scooping some into your hand and rubbing into the skin. You will start to feel it dissolve as your skin soaks it up. Give your thirsty skin some time to absorb it before rinsing. Remind yourself that you are deserving of recovery and rejuvenation. Pat dry so you don’t wipe off all your moisture. If doing at night, by morning you are moisturized but not oily or greasy. Love that overnight soak. Ingredients: colloidal oats, brown sugar, pure cane sugar, avocado oil, grape-seed oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, coconut oil....

    DIY Clay Masks

    Personal Care
    Mix these Multi Use DIY Clays with a little water to create your own luxurious skin mask or add them to your bath and let your whole body enjoy. Sold as individual tubes or a full set of all 8.  Bentonite Clay: $3.33 Popularly known as "Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay", at least that's how I was first introduced to clays. This clay is powerful! It will literally pull white heads to the surface and if you pour it into a bath it will literally take out the trash that lives on your skin. This is the strongest of all the clays so it's excellent for oily and acne prone skin. If you have dry skin mixing it with oils, honey or colloidal oats will help in keeping moisture in but still letting the clay do its job. You can also pour this into a bath for a full body skin detox.Kaolin Clay: $3.33 This clay is a more gentle balance of acne fighting and absorbing excess oils while not leaving you with dried out skin. A great choice to start with if you've never used a clay mask. It's also great for your bath. You can also pour this into a bath for a full body experience.French Pink Clay: $5.55 oh you fancy huh? Yes. This pink clay is widely used in the cosmetic industry due to its refreshing results. It's believed to improve blood circulation and ly...
    Purchase the video playback from our DIY Bodysuit session. This is a recording from a live session as Nadia teaches how to create a Unique Twisted Bodysuit. You will be able to play it anytime or download it to your device. Need the bodysuit to create it? Purchase it here!...
    This is a blank solid bodysuit that you can cut, weave, and knot to create your own twisted creation. This product is meant for use with the Build a Bodysuit or DIY BodyCage PlayBack. We will also send you some matching fringe (fabric strip) to close up your knots. The playback DIY's are sold separately. ...
    In this pre-recorded 15 minute video, NovaCaine will teach you how to kegel in ways to help you improve orgasms, ignite your dancing, and be engage with your movement....

    Soap Set

    Personal Care
    Three of our favorite handmade soaps. Each of them are gorgeous to display and offer high suds for the ultimate lathering experience.  Oatmeal and Honey moisturizing bar: Made with honey and oats along with a coconut oil and castor oil blend to give you gentle exfoliation with a rich lather than rinses clean but leaves you moisturized. Yes, its a must-have this winter. Great for hands and body. *No added fragrances or scents to keep sensitive skin happy plus the natural ingredients smell great on their own* Citrus Loofah Soap Scrubbie: High foaming pink clay soap infused with honey and a natural loofah tucked right in the middle for the perfect blend of rough and gentle. The textures alone are sure to satisfy, but once you smell the citrus blend scent made using only essential oils you’ll be in sensory heaven.  Two tone Love Spell Clay and Charcoal soap: Yes! Throwback to the scent we all know and love! 1 layer is a nourishing shea butter soap base with French Pink Clay and the 2nd layer is a detoxing activated Charcoal to give you the best of both worlds. ...
    Stream anytime or download to your device. This is a recording of the live zoom DIY Leggings Workshop from Dec 12, 2020. Recording does not expire. Get your blank leggings HERE....
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