Custom Orders

Interested in a custom piece? Here are some things you should know!

We are happy to slice, weave, and/or paint up something completely unique for you! However, we do not sew custom bodysuits for one of a kind projects. If you need a unique bodysuit base that we do not carry or you cannot find on your own - please contact our partner at Tasty Treat:

What we can do is use any in house pieces and make the edits you desire. For example, if you want a Yogi Bodysuit but in Black instead of Purple? We got you!

If you don't see a color or print you want listed on our site you can purchase it yourself and send us the base piece to bring your vision to life. We recommend you buy a base that you like, ideally cotton spandex or poly spandex. We cannot work with ribbed, rayon, or nylon fabrics. Email us at with your idea and we can let you know if its doable. Send pics of the base you are considering. 

Custom work costs $100 an hour + the cost of shipping. A standard bodysuit takes about 1 hour and a catsuit usually takes about 2 hours.